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Clock-Out Lounge Presents:Tyvek plus Rat Paws
with Tyvek, Rat Paws
Sun May 26, 2024
Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm PDT
Clock-Out Lounge Presents: 
Sunday May 26th
$15adv/$18 dos 

Detroit’s TYVEK is returning to the crime of the west coast scene for the first time since 2017.Throughout perpetual, necessary shifting, Detroit's TYVEK have remained a singular force. The group was formed somewhere in the mid-aughts by songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and sole consistent band member Kevin Boyer,
who enlisted various friends to cultivate a raw, rudimentary punk sound that manages to get back to basics while at the same time presenting abstract perspectives and weird concepts not normally explored by your everyday garage band. There have been mutations over the years as the band toured regularly and released a run of solid albums with labels like Siltbreeze and In The Red, but with every reformation, Tyvek still did'nt sound quite like anyone else. Their new album, the self released Overground (Ginkgo, 2023), stays true to their reputation for delivering hit after hit of blistering punk and remains tightly wound until it unspools into the dreamlike title track, an extended post Velvets plea for human decency. Tyvek's current line-up of all-stars guarantee an intense live show: Shelley Salant (Shells, XV), Alex Glendening (Deadbeat Beat), Fred Thomas (Idle Ray), and Emily Roll (XV) channel the high-energy rock'n'roll of Detroit's past while side-stepping the cliches to push forward into an
uncharted future. On a brand new page that somehow retains the core excitement and sharpness that’s been there since the band began 15 years ago, Overground snaps its songs into tight focus, with guitars loudly coming unglued in the
foreground while frantic beats, scattershot lyrics, and unhinged saxophone all buzz in support. It’s more than punk, it’s less than punk. Eleven new songs (nine of which top out at two minutes or less) find Tyvek in a natural continuation of their singular vision, with their unique state of musical tension reaching a new frequency and
bandleader Kevin Boyer’s lyrics landing in a gray area between scrawled observations from deep within an internal monologue and dreamlike social critique.
Rat Paws